The Microbrewery industry is growing fast - in 2000 there were around 500 breweries in the UK. By 2017 there were over 1,700 – and this number is only going up.

Insurance for Micro Breweries

The microbrewing movement began in the United Kingdom in the 70s. As the movement grew, some breweries expanded their production and distribution, the more encompassing concept of craft brewing emerged.

We have created a special brew using only the finest ingredients...

“A” Rated Insurer

Health protection for the Head Brewer

Goods in transit cover

Products liability

Protect against customer claims that your product caused harm

Extensive list of inclusive cover

Exclusive risk management service

Business Interruption

Accidental loss or damage

Covering your machinery, contents and specialist equipment

Pint Sized premiums!


We know how important it is  to get the right cover, we take the time to ensure you get insurance that meets with your expectations.


With over 21 years of experience arranging insurances for clients, giving you complete confidence in our service.


We provide solutions for difficult-to-place business, we’re confident we’ll be able to provide the cover you need.